Used ADVANCED ENERGY LFGS-1250D #9164844 for sale

ID: 9164844
RF Generators P/N: 66000071 For WONIK IPS TECHO Etcher.
ADVANCED ENERGY LFGS-1250D power supply is designed to meet a wide range of precise power delivery requirements for industrial applications where power and accuracy are critical. It is an advanced, high performance, regulated output linear power supply capable of delivering 1250W of continuous power with ±0.01% output voltage regulation with a 0.01% resolution. ADVANCED ENERGY LFGS 1250D has an adjustable range of 0-32V and 0-40A. The power supply consists of two separate and independent regulated DC voltage and current outputs. The outputs are also autonomously protected against overvoltage and overtemperature. The high power density and low ripple of LFGS-1250D make it ideal for a variety of demanding industrial applications, including plasma process systems, cutting and welding systems, and more. The main features of LFGS 1250D include auto-sequence programming and sequencing to establish load values for each output; 10 multi-step presets for simultaneous programmable control of voltage and/or current; analog interface settings to accurately define load values with a resolution of 1mV/1mA; programmable over-voltage detection and over-temperature shutdown capabilities; 1 mV/1mA resolution of voltage and current readouts; a GUI-based graphical interface for remote programming, monitoring, and adjustment; and 24/7 active online monitoring and control. The advanced features of ADVANCED ENERGY LFGS-1250D ensure precision power delivery, accuracy, and consistent efficiency. With its ability to deliver 1250W of power, the power supply is ideal for applications such as plasma cutting systems, welding systems, and industrial process systems, where the power supply must be reliable, precise, and efficient. The linear design eliminates EMI interference, and the software-driven architecture allows users to customize voltage and current levels with precise accuracy. The high efficiency of the power supply (up to 95%) ensures that a maximum amount of power is delivered without a significant amount of wasted energy. The adjustable 0-32V and 0-40A outputs also offer users the ability to better tailor power delivery to their specific requirements with more flexibility than most other power supplies in this class. ADVANCED ENERGY LFGS 1250D power supply is an efficient and durable choice that deliver precision power with excellent performance and reliability. With its advanced features and precision controls, LFGS-1250D is sure to meet the requirements of any industrial power delivery application.
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