Used ADVANCED ENERGY MDX-052 #9168956 for sale

ID: 9168956
DC Magnetron remote interface.
ADVANCED ENERGY MDX-052 is an industrial-level power supply designed to deliver exceptionally reliable performance in dynamic and mission-critical applications. It is a key component in many critical systems, ranging from medical imaging, to semiconductor processing, to laboratory applications. MDX-052 offers extremely efficient and reliable operation, and is designed with rugged, industrial-grade components to ensure superior durability. It is rated to deliver up to 5 kW output power and features up to 4 active current outputs, with up to 2500mA continuous current output each. It provides proportional voltage and current controls, with high accuracy and low voltage ripple, allowing users to adjust output performance for precision power regulation. This power supply is able to withstand extreme shock or vibration without compromising performance, providing reliable operation in harsh environments. It features built-in fail-safe protection mechanisms, ensuring safe operation even in the event of a power outage. It utilizes advanced soft-start logic, providing a gradual ramp-up for all output channels, allowing existing loads on connected equipment to remain safe. As a multi-phase power supply, dual-phase or four-phase operation is possible. It features advanced digital controls, offering remote interface support through a wide range of analog, digital and network protocols, including Ethernet, CAN, RS232, and Profibus-DP. This allows users to easily monitor performance and control parameters, from remote locations. ADVANCED ENERGY MDX-052 also offers extensive safety features. It is UL and CE compliant, and meets various global safety regulations, such as EN 61010, IEC 61010-1, and CSA 61010-1. It also features climate control technology, ensuring consistent performance in a wide range of temperatures up to 45C. Overall, MDX-052 is an ideal solution for any critical application requiring reliable, accurate, and efficient power control. Its modular design and highly customize-able features make it a perfect choice for a wide range of industrial and commercial solutions.
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