Used ADVANCED ENERGY MDX-1.5K #293652605 for sale

ID: 293652605
Power supplies (2) IC4 Racks, (6) IN2 Racks.
ADVANCED ENERGY MDX-1.5K is an industrial-grade advanced power supply known for its high durability, performance, and quality. It is specifically designed for very high quality power conversion applications and is equipped with a number of advanced features and technology. The MDX-1.5K offers output power of 1500W and is powered by a 12 VDC input. It offers a highly reliable power conversion with a power factor of 0.9 and a wide input voltage range. It also provides a low ripple, glitch-free output, providing a highly stable output for power conversion applications. Additionally, it provides an advanced set of safety features, including an Under-Voltage Lockout, Over-Voltage Protection, Over-Power Protection, and Over-Temperature Protection. The MDX-1.5K features an advanced built-in cooling system that helps to ensure the power supply's longevity and reliability. It is constructed from high quality components and features a durable aluminum enclosure that helps to protect the power supply from adverse environmental conditions. The power supply also features a low noise fan, which helps to minimize the noise generated by the power supply and keep the power supply cool even during operation at high power levels. This advanced power supply is also equipped with a range of communication options, including RS-485 and CAN communication ports. These ports can be used to program the power supply, monitor and control its operations, and to provide real-time system feedback. ADVANCED ENERGY MDX-1.5K is the perfect choice for a wide range of high-power conversion applications, offering advanced performance, reliability, and durability. It is perfect for use in industrial and commercial applications, and its advanced features and technology make it an ideal choice for any power conversion application.
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