Used ADVANCED ENERGY MDX-1K #9179033 for sale

ID: 9179033
Power Supply.
ADVANCED ENERGY MDX-1K power supply is an innovative energy-saving solution with advanced power management features. Its 1000W output capacity makes it suitable for a variety of applications in mid- to high-power applications. With 115VAC input and up to 105VAC output, this product has high efficiency and low EMI as standard. Key features of MDX-1K power supply include a continuously adjustable output voltage between 0-105VAC, over-voltage/over-current/cross-load protection, short-circuit protection, and remote sensing of the output voltage. The product also has a built-in line/load regulation of 0.25%, ensuring accurate output voltage and power quality, even in the event of line voltage fluctuations. ADVANCED ENERGY MDX-1K power supply offers up to 5% energy savings compared to traditional power supply solutions, with high efficiency and low ripple and noise. It also offers a wide operating temperature range of -20℃~+60℃ that can be used in a variety of environments. The design of MDX-1K is optimized for use with motors, providing consistent power and good performance. Its output is both steady and reliable, making it suitable for high-performance applications. Furthermore, the advanced diagnostic features make it easy to monitor the power supply's performance and detect any problems quickly. One of the main benefits of ADVANCED ENERGY MDX-1K power supply is its compact size. It is lightweight and easy to install in tight spaces, thanks to its small footprint. The product is also protected by short-circuit and overload protection, which ensures that the power supply will not be damaged during use. Overall, MDX-1K power supply is a reliable and efficient energy saving solution with advanced power management features. It provides consistent and reliable power output with maximum efficiency, making it ideal for a variety of mid- to high-power applications.
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