Used ADVANCED ENERGY MDX-L12M #9177193 for sale

ID: 9177193
DC Sources power supply. P/N: 0190-21110.
ADVANCED ENERGY MDX-L12M is an advanced power supply solution designed for a wide variety of applications. Building on the highly successful MDX series, ADVANCED ENERGY MDXL-12M is a modular design featuring two main outputs with optional interconnection for additional configurations. This 12-amp, low-noise, linear AC-DC power supply is designed for laboratory and industrial use, providing reliable power for sensitive electronic equipment. MDX L12M is an efficient, highly reliable power supply, yielding up to 99.0% efficiency with 180 watts total output power. An intuitive front panel interface provides a range of control options, including voltage, current, and output power, that enable easy configuration of the power supply. Additionally, communication protocols such as RS-232, Ethernet/IP, and PROFINET facilitate convenient monitoring and control of the power supply. MDX L12 M features an isolated output, allowing the end user to connect sensitive prototyping boards, computers and other equipment. The onboard low-noise linear regulator technology ensures that outputs remain within the UL and IEC specifications, while a robust construction makes MDX-L12M suitable for operation in environments with high levels of shock, vibration and temperature. ADVANCED ENERGY MDX L 12 M is designed to meet the needs of a variety of applications, from laboratory test and measurement, to semiconductor and laboratory instrumentation, to machine and robotic control. The power supply is designed for easy integration and simple setup, providing reliable performance for any application. MDX L 12 M is designed to provide clean power for years of trouble-free operation.
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