Used ADVANCED ENERGY MDX-L6 #9157933 for sale

ID: 9157933
DC Power supplies.
ADVANCED ENERGY MDX-L6 is a highly reliable and efficient power supply module designed for use in the most demanding applications. Its design features a six-phase voltage regulator system and a twelve-phase current controller, allowing it to provide precise and reliable power with minimal noise. MDX-L6 power supply module is equipped with a wide range of features that provide the user with maximum control and flexibility in their application. It includes a high-voltage input stage for external conditions, a low-voltage input stage for internal operations, and an adjustable output stage for specific power requirements. The power supply also features a variety of power and control settings including a current limit, a voltage trim, a pulse-width modulation control, an over-voltage protection, and a maximum current capability. In addition to its feature-rich design, ADVANCED ENERGY MDX-L6 power supply module is designed for high levels of efficiency and reliability. The power supply module has a high efficiency of up to 89%, allowing for improved energy savings compared to other power supplies. Its advanced power design also includes protection against over- and under-voltage conditions to ensure protection of the connected components. Furthermore, the module is designed to be long-lasting and durable with a life span rated for up to 13 years of continuous operation. MDX-L6 power supply module package includes a detailed user manual that provides clear instructions to ensure proper installation and operation. The package also includes a variety of cables and accessories needed for installation and connection. Additionally, the power supply module comes with a warranty and technical support for prompt problem resolution. Overall, ADVANCED ENERGY MDX-L6 offers a reliable, feature-rich, and efficient solution for a wide variety of power supply requirements. Its high efficiency ratings, long life span, and warranty coverage make it an ideal choice for any power supply needs.
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