Used ADVANCED ENERGY MDX Pinnacle #9167051 for sale

ID: 9167051
Power supply P/N: 315932 Active front panel 12 kW (6x6) 208V, 41A, AE Bus Dual 15V user port (Single) Non ISO UHF output 3 Phase.
ADVANCED ENERGY MDX Pinnacle is a powerful and efficient power supply ideal for variety of industrial applications. This supply offers multiple features and exceeds industry standards for reliability, efficiency, performance, and flexibility. It is designed to provide dynamic and precise control over power to satisfy the requirements of demanding industrial applications. MDX Pinnacle is a true industrial grade supply with an advanced control equipment, offered in either single- or three-phase configurations, providing an unprecedented range of power output at up to 35kVA. The input voltage range spans from 95 VAC to 600 VAC with the output voltage ranging from 0VDC to 600VDC. This power supply's high efficiency ensures minimal energy loss and heat dissipation. It is rated for continuous duty use and features a self-monitoring function which will indicate any problems that may need addressed. This power supply can be easily incorporated into a wider industrial system. Its energy management features provide maximum flexibility and control over the nature of the supplied power to meet the needs of specific application demands. The output of the power supply can be fine-tuned through its comprehensive control unit, allowing for dynamic configurations and functionality. ADVANCED ENERGY MDX Pinnacle can be programmed for a wide range of parameters, such as current, voltage, frequency, phase, power, temperatures, and other conditions. Additionally, communication protocols such as Profibus and EtherNet/IP are supported for integration with leading industrial software packages. The advanced protection capabilities of MDX Pinnacle make it suitable for challenging environments. Its short circuit protection prevents damage to components or unnecessary downtime caused by operational irregularities. Plus, the supply also features an overtemperature management machine that monitors and reacts to safety and overheating concerns. It also offers an adjustable output impedance, comprehensive protection against electrical noise, EMI filtering, and a self-calibration feature. Overall, ADVANCED ENERGY MDX Pinnacle is an efficient and versatile power supply that is designed to meet the highest requirements of industrial applications. It offers superior performance and flexibility, while its advanced features ensure reliable and safe operation in extreme conditions. It is certainly an excellent choice for a wide range of industrial applications.
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