Used ADVANCED ENERGY MDX Pinnacle #9167052 for sale

ID: 9167052
Power supply P/N: 314756 Active front panel 12 kW (6x6) 208V, 41A, Non ISO AE bus Dual 15V user port (Single) VHF output 3 Phase.
ADVANCED ENERGY MDX Pinnacle is a multi-channel power supply designed to provide power to a wide range of electrical devices. It uses a combination of DC-DC and AC-DC converters to supply controlled voltage, current, and frequency power to its load. With a powerful output of up to 700 watts, MDX Pinnacle allows it to power up even the largest of electrical devices. This power supply also features advanced safety features such as a restart control and an over-temperature protection system which makes it safe to use in both commercial and industrial applications. ADVANCED ENERGY MDX Pinnacle is designed to be extremely efficient and reliable. It has a wide range operating temperature with a maximum temperature rise of 35 degrees Celsius, allowing it to remain safe and reliable in demanding environments. The seven-line input voltage range makes it well-suited for both industrial and commercial applications. Additionally, the EMC filters ensures the power supply is compliant with the latest EMI standards, providing a high level of noise immunity and protection to delicate electronics. MDX Pinnacle also features surge protection which helps protect against voltage spikes and other power issues that may be present in the electrical grid. Additionally, the power supply uses an advanced modular design, allowing for easy upgrade of power outputs in the future. The customizable voltage selection and power optimization limits also ensures the sensitive electrical device are optimally powered, without the need for complex manual adjustments. Overall, ADVANCED ENERGY MDX Pinnacle is a powerful and reliable power supply which is perfect for powering a wide range of electrical devices. It features a variety of advanced safety and protection features which ensure its reliable and safe operation, while also being energy efficient and compliant with EMI standards. Its modular design also makes it easy to upgrade power outputs as necessary, ensuring the power supply can be easily adapted to changing needs.
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