Used ADVANCED ENERGY OEM-2000-01M1 #9158380 for sale

ID: 9158380
Vintage: 2004
RF Power supply 2004 vintage.
ADVANCED ENERGY OEM-2000-01M1 is a high-performance, reliable power supply designed for industrial applications. This all-in-one device features an encased design that provides easy, efficient installation and maintenance of electrical power systems. OEM-2000-01M1 is equipped with an active-current-limiting system, which protects against short circuits and overloading. This power supply's input voltage range is120 to 600 VAC and it has dual-mode monitoring. The onboard AC input switching allows the device to automatically adjust power levels based on input voltage requirements, ensuring high-performance operation in any environment. The robust design of this power supply features a tightly regulated output current and fast response to voltage fluctuations. Additional features include adjustable over-voltage protection, total harmonic distortion below 6%, and adjustable temperature management. Additionally, ADVANCED ENERGY OEM-2000-01M1 is engineered for maximum energy efficiency and long-term reliability. It features an optimized thermal design and durable electrical components that are resistant to shock and vibration. All components are rated for up to 105°C operating temperatures, providing reliable performance in even the harshest environments. OEM-2000-01M1 is an advanced industrial power supply offering exceptional design and outstanding performance in all critical application areas. This unit is ideal for industrial systems used in heavy industrial machinery, medical equipment, and a wide range of mechanical and electrical equipment.The board design has been tested and certified to meet stringent industry standards, making it a reliable choice for all applications that require a reliable power source.
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