Used ADVANCED ENERGY Ovation VHF 2760 #9166604 for sale

ID: 9166604
Alpha generator Includes cable Missing part: Plug 2.7 KW, 60 MHz.
ADVANCED ENERGY Ovation VHF 2760 is a powerful power supply designed to meet the needs of various industrial applications. It is a high frequency, high voltage, and high power supply capable of providing up to 2760 volts of output power. It features high-efficiency, wide load range, low-noise and high-performance operation. Ovation VHF 2760 features a wide dynamic range, allowing manual or automated control of output power up to its maximum of 2760 V, with a constant output current capability of up to 960 amps. The power supply also offers control and monitoring of temperature, for reliable operation even under demanding conditions. A graphical color display provides information about the output state and status. The design of ADVANCED ENERGY Ovation VHF 2760 ensures robustness in industrial applications, with an integrated high-bandwidth current sharing system, allowing for redundant operation. The digital control interface is designed for seamless communication between the power supply and its user, providing visibility into the system's behavior. Ovation VHF 2760 has been tested for optimal performance and is compliant with the major industrial safety standards, including CE, IEC/EN 61010-1, and UL/cUL. It can be installed into a 19-inch EIA rack or panel, with an open frame option also available. The power supply has a compact design that is easy to mount, assembly, and troubleshoot. Overall, ADVANCED ENERGY Ovation VHF 2760 is an ideal power supply for industrial applications that require high power concentrations in a rugged and robust package. With its wide range of features, it is able to deliver reliable and stable power supply to meet the needs of various industries. It is easy to set up and use, while having robust safety and reliability standards.
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