Used ADVANCED ENERGY PDX-1250 #9164847 for sale

ID: 9164847
RF Generators P/N: 3156024-111 For WONIK IPS Maha SP CVD System.
ADVANCED ENERGY PDX-1250 is a highly reliable and efficient 1250 Watt power supply designed for industrial and medical applications. It is a controllable, digitally adjustable power source that is ideal for applications that require high power density and accuracy. This high-performance power supply is suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including test bench, medical, and instrumentation systems. ADVANCED ENERGY PDX 1250 has been designed with cutting-edge safety features and control logic to ensure superior reliability. It includes both active inrush limiting and several self-protection mechanisms, such as over-temperature protection and over-voltage protection. Additionally, it is equipped with user-programmable soft start and voltage ram options for improved control. PDX-1250 is capable of producing an output of up to 1250 watts of continuous power and is standard with voltage accuracy of 1%. It features a wide input voltage range, adjustable voltage (0-100%), adjustable current (0.2-25%) and non-isolated outputs. This power source is also equipped with multiple protocol standard signalling and serial communication connections, including: front panel RS232/485, TCP/IP, SNMP, and analog, for enhanced system integration and monitoring capabilities. PDX 1250 features a full-graphic display for both monitoring and control. It also provides a powerful configuration, monitoring, diagnostics, and maintenance menu set, ensuring easy operation. Its highly efficient and reliable design, coupled with its advanced safety features and comprehensive control logic, makes it ideal for maximizing power output and compatibility in both large and small applications.
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