Used ADVANCED ENERGY PDX-1400 #9177199 for sale

ID: 9177199
Low frequency generator.
ADVANCED ENERGY PDX-1400 is a single-output programmable power supply designed for test and measurement applications. This power supply is capable of delivering up to 1400 watts of power, making it suitable for numerous applications. The unit offers three different modes of operation including CC, CR, and CV; with each mode offering stable and reliable performance. The multifunctional easy-to-use front panel of ADVANCED ENERGY PDX 1400 allows users to quickly access the desired settings, output voltages, and current limits. The unit's intuitive backlit LCD display supplies the user with real-time power supply and output information. PDX-1400 also features a built-in controller which allows users to program and store up to ten different profiles for easy recall. PDX 1400 also offers a high degree of accuracy and reliability by eliminating the need to manually adjust the setpoint power supply. The unit's advanced digital control loop and proprietary feedback enable the output voltage and current to remain stable and consistent. Additionally, the high-voltage switching architecture of ADVANCED ENERGY PDX-1400 allows for a nearly silent operation. ADVANCED ENERGY PDX 1400 also offers a number of safety features such as overvoltage protection, low inrush current, low voltage disconnect (LVD), and over-temperature protection. This ensures that the power supply will not be damaged if exposed to excessive heat, current, or voltage levels. PDX-1400 power supply is an ideal choice for applications requiring portable and accurate power. Its intuitive design, robust safety features, and stable output make it an excellent choice for any application requiring reliable and accurate power.
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