Used ADVANCED ENERGY PDX-1400 #9179003 for sale

ID: 9179003
RF Generator P/N: 27-028379-00 Does not include accessories.
ADVANCED ENERGY PDX-1400 is a robust and dependable power supply, crafted with innovative designs that ensure reliable and efficient operation. This product is a single-stage, digital power supply rated to 1400W and featuring a variety of output stability, load regulation, protection and monitoring capabilities. ADVANCED ENERGY PDX 1400 can easily adapt to a variety of AC input voltages, making it suitable for applications in multiple countries around the world. The power supply is equipped with a universal input range of 85 to 264V AC, with support for 3-phase and single-phase systems, as well as Wide Area Network monitoring capabilities. Regulated power outputs of 13.8V , 24V, 30V and 48V at up to 500A are available on the rear panel of the unit, allowing for user flexibility. In addition, the product's heating element and current balance adjustment capability enables it to maintain efficient power delivery even in extreme temperatures. The design of PDX-1400 allows users to manage their applications efficiently and securely. Its full-featured digital control board allows users to program frequency control, fan and temperature management, as well as a variety of protections. Additionally, the digital control software includes support for PC-compatible power profiles, allowing users to customize PDX 1400 to meet their needs perfectly. ADVANCED ENERGY PDX-1400 also provides several impressive diagnostic and monitoring functions, including real-time waveform analysis, digital oscilloscopes, as well as over-current, over-temperature, and power fault alarms. Low distortion, high input surge immunity and high inrush capability offer the highest reliability to the user. Furthermore, the power supply features UL class B and CULUS certifications, giving users the assurance of a safe and compliant product. In addition to its outstanding performance, ADVANCED ENERGY PDX 1400 is designed with utmost efficiency and longevity in mind. With up to 94% efficiency under full load, users can be sure that power is being optimized and that energy savings are maximized. Its level 3 MTBF of 150,000 hours further ensures trouble-free operation for many years. In conclusion, PDX-1400 provides users with reliable, safe, and efficient power delivery. With digital control, real-time waveform analysis and wide-area network monitoring capabilities, this product is an ideal solution for a variety of applications. Certified to UL class B and CULUS, its longevity and robust performance make it an outstanding choice for various operations.
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