Used ADVANCED ENERGY PDX 5000-207 #9177190 for sale

ID: 9177190
Power supply P/N: 3156043-207.
ADVANCED ENERGY PDX 5000-207 is a configurable, multi-range, single-output power supply. It is designed for use within industrial, laboratory and other demanding applications. PDX 5000-207 offers an adjustable output voltage range set from 0-20.7Vdc, and it is capable of delivering up to 5000w of power with a low-noise, high-precision output. In addition, the unit features active power factor correction (PFC) to reduce energy losses and harmonic distortion on the AC line. ADVANCED ENERGY PDX 5000-207 includes extensive monitoring capabilities with programmable digital I/O, alarms as well as adjustable current and voltage foldback protection settings to ensure precise control and safety compliance. The power supply also offers high-efficiency operation with over 90% efficiency at full load. Moreover, the unit features remote programming via a USB interface and Ethernet communication. This allows local as well as remote programming, configuration and monitoring by any compatible computer or electronic device in the same network. PDX 5000-207 comes with a 21.3" x 14.7" x 8.7" (54.2 cm x 37.3 cm x 22.2 cm) metal enclosure which provides heat dissipation and protection against external interferences. Furthermore, the unit is able to run in wide temperature and environmental ranges, allowing for operation in extreme conditions. Overall, ADVANCED ENERGY PDX 5000-207 is a high-performance, reliable and easy-to-use power supply, that is perfectly suited for demanding industrial applications. It is an excellent fit for OEMs and lab test setups alike, providing a reliable and adjustable power source as needed.
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