Used ADVANCED ENERGY PDX-8000 #9164848 for sale

ID: 9164848
RF Generators P/N: 3156048-201 For NOVELLUS Speed CVD System.
ADVANCED ENERGY PDX-8000 is a high power density and cost-effective power supply designed for a wide range of industrial and medical applications. The unit has eight output channels, each capable of providing up to 8A at up to 60V constants and provides excellent power density and ultra-high stability performance. It is a highly reliable, robust and continuous operation power supply with overload protection for each channel. ADVANCED ENERGY PDX 8000 offers a wide range of features, including constant volt/constant current mode, a digital user interface, over voltage protection, output voltage and current programming, as well as output pre-charging, analog control and monitoring capabilities. It is is capable of making real-time adjustments to adapt to changing load conditions. PDX-8000 is also equipped with user friendly software, allowing the user to easily program the required output power settings, making it an ideal choice for assembly line automation machines or industrial machinery. PDX 8000 also has a host of advanced features that make it an ideal choice for medical applications. It provides custom current and voltage profiles to meet the most demanding applications, such as patient stimulation and/or monitoring. It is capable of self-diagnostics, ensuring a safe and reliable operation and it is UL-recognized for safety. In addition, ADVANCED ENERGY PDX-8000 offers a wide range of remote monitoring and interface capabilities. It supports SNMP, Modbus, and web server interface for data acquisition, allowing for the monitoring and control of the power supply in real time. ADVANCED ENERGY PDX 8000 also offers a detailed alarm management system that can be used to monitor the supply's performance and correct any abnormality in an effective and timely manner. PDX-8000 power supply provides a cost-effective and reliable solution for high power density and very demanding applications. It offers an array of features to ensure accuracy, stability, and safety, as well as a robust control and monitoring system. The unit is lightweight, energy efficient and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for industrial and medical applications.
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