Used ADVANCED ENERGY PDX II 3000 #9164851 for sale

ID: 9164851
RF Generators P/N: 3150311-903 For NOVELLUS Vector CVD System.
ADVANCED ENERGY PDX II 3000 is a state-of-the-art power supply designed to provide reliable and efficient power to a wide range of industrial machine applications. This next generation of highly accurate power supply technology utilizes a patented, programmable multi-cycle control algorithm to create a virtually silent power delivery equipment. The result is an exceptionally quiet output that preserves the environment and minimizes noise interference. Each PDX II 3000 unit is capable of providing up to 3000 Watts of power, with a precision load regulation of 1%. This ensures that your application receives the exact amount of power it needs to run effectively and efficiently. The device also features a built-in balancing system that enhances unit survivability and helps to ensure optimized dynamic response. With an advanced fault detection machine that can detect short circuits, overloads, and excessive temperatures, ADVANCED ENERGY PDX II 3000 also helps minimize downtime and prevent parts damage. In terms of power output, PDX II 3000 offers a wide range of operational voltage levels starting from 3 Volts and up to 150 Volts. This makes the power supply suitable for a variety of industrial machine applications. Its wide voltage windows make it perfect for outlets with unstable AC or DC inputs, while the auto-trim design automatically adjusts the output to compensate for any changes. ADVANCED ENERGY PDX II 3000 is also designed to provide current protection, as well as excellent stability and safety. This is ensured by the included overcurrent protection, voltage spike suppression and EMI filtering. The included overcurrent protection prevents damage to sensitive electronic components, while the voltage spike suppression keeps your tool running smoothly without any unexpected power surges or drops. Overall, PDX II 3000 is an advanced and reliable power supply that has been designed to offer maximum protection and precision for a variety of industrial machine applications. With its wide output range, precision load regulation and robust construction, this next generation power supply is perfect for any application requiring reliable and efficient delivery of energy.
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