Used ADVANCED ENERGY PE-10/20K #9161740 for sale

ID: 9161740
AC Plasma power sources Power pack.
The PE-10/20K is an ADVANCED ENERGY power supply used in high-performance electronics applications. This supply offers superior power performance, with maximum voltage levels of more than 20,000V. The power supply is equipped with fast current-swapping capabilities and robust overvoltage surge protection capabilities. It is designed for use in harsh environments, which is ideal for use in military and medical applications. The PE-10/20K has a low-noise and low-profile design, allowing it to be used in tight and confined spaces. It includes Electronic Output Overload Protection (EOOP) and Internally Controlled Overvolt Protection (ICOP) features to protect against overload caused by loss of control or from accidental contact. The internal active current control maintains constant output current even when the output voltage is varying. This helps reduce the size and complexity of associated protective circuits. The PE-10/20K also uses digital signals to provide highly accurate and consistent performance. It includes embedded systems, such as a power control module, self-diagnostic mechanisms and internal analog monitoring. This helps the user maintain control and maximize output precision during operation. The supply offers high-efficiency due to its state-of-the-art power components. By using very high-frequency switching, it reduces power losses and generates higher energy outputs. This helps the environment by reducing power consumption, saving energy and reducing overall costs. The PE-10/20K is also backed by customer-focused customer service and on-site technical support. Its comprehensive one-year warranty guarantees the highest quality performance and reliability. Overall, the PE-10/20K is a powerful and highly ADVANCED ENERGY supply that is designed for high-performance applications and harsh environments. Its fast current-swapping capabilities, robust surge protection, low-noise design, digital signals, high-efficiency and comprehensive warranty make it an ideal choice for applications that demand exceptional performance.
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