Used ADVANCED ENERGY PE 10K #9161739 for sale

ID: 9161739
AC Plasma power source Power pack.
ADVANCED ENERGY PE 10K is a 10 kW, quad-channel power supply designed for R&D and other laboratory applications. It offers stable, precise power output at high efficiencies. It features advanced power electronic components, including an insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) phase-locked-loop (PLL) control system. This sophisticated control system ensures precise output voltage and current management. The power supply also features a built-in resistive load bank, with digital output that is adjustable in 0.1 resolution increments, up to a maximum of 9.9 kW, giving users the flexibility to tailor their applications and power levels. ADVANCED ENERGY PE-10K also has an input power factor correction (PFC) circuit that is designed to reduce harmonic noise and provide a more optimal input power amount. The unique feature of PE 10K is its dual-mode efficiency control, which provides either high efficiency or low temperature operation. In high efficiency mode, the power supply does a better job of using the input voltage to generate the desired output current. It also produces outputs with better waveform characteristics, while operating cooler and quieter. In low temperature mode, the supply uses the same output current as in high efficiency mode, but operates at a lower temperature, so it can be used in environments where high temperatures could be a safety risk. PE-10K has other features such as active current limitation, programmable over-current protection, and adjustable pre-charge power levels. For safety, it has a self-test feature that powers-down the supply if the output power exceeds a user-defined level. Its modular design allows it to be easily added to existing systems and incorporates various system communication protocols such as RS-485, Ethernet, and USB. Overall, ADVANCED ENERGY PE 10K is a highly advanced power supply with features that make it ideal for use in high-precision laboratory applications. Its efficient power control, adjustable output levels, and various communication options make it a versatile and reliable powerhouse.
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