Used ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle 200kW #9157927 for sale

ID: 9157927
Vintage: 2004
DC Power supply 2004 vintage.
ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle 200kW is an advanced DC power supply designed for a wide range of applications. It provides power control for a variety of industrial and research purposes, from equipment testing to remote control of equipment and process control. Pinnacle 200kW is one of the most powerful and reliable power supplies in its class. ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle 200kW offers an adjustable range of 10V-200kW, allowing it to be used in a variety of applications. Its power factor correction technology helps ensure accurate power output while minimizing operating power costs. Additionally, its highly efficient switching offers an output ripple of <1%, providing smooth and stable power output. Pinnacle 200kW is also designed with a built-in peripheral monitoring and control system, allowing users to easily monitor and adjust the power supply. ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle 200kW also includes a wide range of built-in safety features. Its patented ActivePass technology allows easy system protection when power supply overloads occur, preventing damage and downtime. Its output settings can also be configured to ensure maximum safety during high current operation. Pinnacle 200kW is also designed to meet various safety standards, including UL and CE certification. ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle 200kW is designed for easy installation and provides technicians with a clear interface and menu-driven setup. An intuitive GUI allows users to quickly set the properties and commands of the power supply. It also features intelligent help screens, allowing users to quickly access technical support and instruction manuals. Pinnacle 200kW also offers several additional features and options to enhance its performance. It offers multiple ways to trigger and monitor power outputs, as well as remote monitoring through web-based software. It is also designed with expandable memory and the ability to create and store preset values and profiles, allowing users to quickly and easily adjust settings to meet changing needs. Overall, ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle 200kW is an advanced power supply designed to meet the demanding needs of industrial applications. Featuring efficient power factor correction, adjustable voltage and current settings, and a wide range of safety features, Pinnacle 200kW is an ideal choice for a variety of applications.
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