Used ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle 8kW #9167064 for sale

ID: 9167064
DC Power supply P/N: 3152352-122 1x8 Pulsed Profibus Passive front panel No user port Power supply: 400 V, 3 Phase.
ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle 8kW is an advanced power supply system designed to provide high-performance and reliability for a wide range of industrial and laboratory applications. The device features a 3-phase AC input which allows it to deliver a maximum output of 8 kW with an adjustable output voltage range of up to 250 Vac and up to 250 Vdc with high efficiency. The device features a comprehensive display which provides users with status and control information, allowing them to monitor their energy needs and protect their systems from damage or overload. Pinnacle 8kW features eight independent output channels, each of which can be programmed for a separate voltage and current, enabling the user to tailor the device for higher power and accuracy. Outputs are protected with overcurrent and overvoltage protection features, as well as fault reporting and status feedback. The device also features a power-on soft-start function and an adjustable power factor for further customization. ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle 8kW is a compact, space-saving device with an integrated graphical user interface, featuring a bright LCD display, and is housed in a rugged 19" rack mount. The interface allows users to set up, control, monitor, and manage the power supply's outputs from a central, intuitive control panel. Pinnacle 8kW is designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions and features a remote output monitor. The device is also compatible with a range of safety standards, including EN/IEC60950-1 and CE and meets major industrial safety standards. Furthermore, the device is designed to minimise electromagnetic interference (EMI) to ensure optimal performance in all applications. ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle 8kW is an efficient, reliable, and scalable power system designed to meet the often demanding requirements of industrial and laboratory applications. The device is an ideal solution for anyone seeking a durable, efficient, and high-performance power supply system.
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