Used ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle Dual 10KW #9167057 for sale

ID: 9167057
DC Power supply P/N: 3152451-202C Dual (10x10 kW) Single active FP 2x37p 15V User port Remote 208VAC 3 Phase UHF Outputs.
ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle Dual 10KW is a high-powered power supply for industrial applications. It delivers power on-demand, allowing for quick response times as well as reduction of noise pollution and harmonics. Its dual 10KW system is capable of delivering AC and DC power to a wide array of applications, allowing for greater versatility. The unit is made up of two independent ground regulated power supply units, each rated for 10kW and both incorporating digital control. The dual system provides flexibility in design allowing for independent operation to achieve higher wattage and greater efficiency. Both power supplies boast some of the best specifications in the industry. The Digital Communications Interface (DCBI) offers a comprehensive, flexible, and feature-rich programmable interface. The unit also includes a load-sharing controller, allowing the two power supplies to be used synergistically to achieve higher wattage while reducing noise pollution. The unit is designed for simultaneous operation, allowing for seamless transition between power supplies to optimize performance. This provides an efficient and reliable power supply with high efficiency and performance. The power supply also offers multiple modes of operation, such as high frequency, linear mode, and pulse width modulation. This allows for improved overall control, with the ability to customize the system for specific applications. In addition, the unit is designed with efficiency, durability, and safety in mind. It incorporates several advanced features, such as built-in overcurrent protection, adjustable power level, and multiple voltage settings. It also includes fault indication, which offers early warning and detection of potential power issues. The unit is manufactured to strict safety standards, meaning it is perfectly suitable for industrial applications. Pinnacle Dual 10KW is an industry leading power supply, offering reliable performance, high quality and efficiency. It is designed to provide a seamless, reliable, and efficient power solution for industrial applications, and its multiple power supply modes allow it to be adapted and customized for specific purposes.
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