Used ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle #9167053 for sale

ID: 9167053
Power supply P/N: 3152412-005 14 kW (7.5x7.5) Single active front panel 1x15p Dual 15V user port Remote, 208 3 Phase HV Output.
ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle is an advanced line of power supplies with improved output specs, unprecedented stability, and highly accurate voltage control for a range of industrial and lab applications. Pinnacle is designed to handle any power requirement up to 0-1000W. ADVANCED ENERGY proprietary power circuit design provides an extremely high-power railway that permits customers to power loads up to a sustained 1000W. High current and power density deliver total power in a smaller footprint than traditional power supplies. This advanced power system also offers exceptional line regulation and fast transient response to enable ExactVolt™ voltage control. ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle offers advanced front end components, such as the built-in "Advanced Power Multiphase™" phase-shifted switching or the "kW-ready" converter, allowing the user to have full capability to meet the most stringent output specs. It also supports power factor correction PFC with low total harmonic distortion (THD), meeting EN61000-3-2 specifications while operating with 120VAC input voltage range from global input sources. Pinnacle uses state of the art switching topology technology to deliver flawless performance combined with optimal efficiency. This helps reduce thermal stress over the entire power supply, providing a longer life, which helps maintain the device's reliability. Another key feature of ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle is the ability to integrate with user friendly, customizable touch panels, which allows users to configure a range of parameters in order to gain exactly what they need from their system. Through Pinnacle's PC based, user friendly software, users can quickly tailor these parameters for improved efficiency, faster reaction times, and precision output. ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle is reliable and efficient, providing absolute voltage control over a wide range of applications. ADVANCED ENERGY has supplemented its popular Pinnacle series with a wide range of additional modules to enhance the power supply's capabilities. These include an internal USB or digital interfaces support, support for remote monitoring, remote sensing, precision voltage control, and fast system setup capabilities. ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle Power Supply line from ADVANCED ENERGY provides improved output specs, unprecedented stability, and excellent voltage control for an extensive range of industrial, laboratory, and other applications. The combination of high power density and advanced power components make it the perfect choice for customers in need of reliable, high quality power.
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