Used ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle #9167054 for sale

ID: 9167054
DC Power supply P/N: 3152427-103 12 kW (6x6) Single active front panel 1x37p Dual 15V user port Remote 208VAC 3 Phase UHF Output Non ISO AE bus.
ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle is a powerful and reliable power supply with outstanding performance in a variety of applications. Pinnacle is a high voltage, low ripple DC power supply that can deliver up to 3500 V and 300 mA with an output accuracy of 1%. With its advanced design and features, ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle is the perfect choice for manufacturers looking for a reliable and cost-efficient power supply. Pinnacle features a unique hybrid high-frequency design that combines digital and analog components for high efficiency and high speed. The result is a power supply that is capable of delivering steady, reliable output power while also featuring low ripple noise levels. ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle also employs advanced control features for process monitoring, such as current and voltage regulation, overcurrent and short protection, and dynamic response. This combination of features makes Pinnacle ideal for applications such as homopolar machines, manufacturing equipment, laboratory instruments, and medical equipment. ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle is efficient, reliable, and capable of working in a wide range of environmental conditions. The power supply features an integrated fanless heat sink to cool the internal components and an efficient power factor correction (PFC) design to minimize power consumption. Pinnacle is also certified compliant to European EMC and electrical safety standards, making it suitable for use in a wide range of applications. ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle is easy to install, with simple connections for input and output. The power supply has built-in RS232 and USB ports, making it easy to connect to computers for monitoring and control. It also features an LED display, so operators can easily access and monitor voltage, current, and other settings. Additionally, with the built-in timer, users can set daily or weekly on/off times and other user-defined settings. For superior performance, Pinnacle is built to withstand tough operating conditions and is designed for long-term reliability. It features an advanced protection system, including surge and transient protection, as well as an environmental protection rating of IP 41 making it able to withstand dust and moisture. Within its rugged and reliable power supply package, ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle offers exceptional performance and long-term reliability. This makes it the perfect choice for companies looking for a dependable power supply solution.
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