Used ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle #9167055 for sale

ID: 9167055
DC Power supply P/N: 3152427-103A 12 kW (6x6) Single active front panel 1x37p Dual 15V user port Remote 208VAC 3 Phase UHF Output Non ISO AE bus.
ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle is a series of advanced, modular technology power supplies from ADVANCED ENERGY. This series provides a reliable, high-performance solution for diverse applications and industries, from automotive and manufacturing to medical, scientific, and semiconductor manufacturing. The power supplies are designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures, with a low heat dissipation that makes them well-suited to industrial applications. In addition, they deliver high efficiency up to 94%, high reliability, and flexible control that can be adjusted to meet specific needs. The series comes in three models: Pinnacle 400, ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle 800, and Pinnacle 1400. Each model is designed with a suite of features to support a variety of requirements in diverse industries. ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle 400 is a cost-effective and reliable power solution for industrial applications. It features 400 W of power and a low power dissipation, making it a great fit for applications that have space constraints or require high reliability. It also has a wide range of operations, allowing for either a single output or multiple outputs. Pinnacle 800 is the perfect solution for applications that require higher levels of power. It provides up to 800 W of power, high efficiency up to 94%, and a total low-frequency ripple for linear control. It also has multiple outputs, allowing for various configurations and adding flexibility to a design. ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle 1400 provides the highest levels of power and flexibility for industrial applications, with a total current output of up to 1400W and a maximum power output of up to 900V. It also has a low-noise processor and a wide range of programs and settings to help optimize it. All of these features make it a great choice for applications that require high efficiency, good linearity, and high performance. Pinnacle is an efficient, reliable, and highly-versatile series of power supplies. With a range of model options available, it can be tailored to suit almost any type of industrial application. They offer high efficiency, low power dissipation, and a low-noise processor, so powerful and reliable electrical power is now within the reach of manufacturers and end-users alike.
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