Used ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle #9167060 for sale

ID: 9167060
Power supply P/N: 3152416-103 12 kW (6x6) Passive dual front panel 1x37p Dual ISO user port Remote 400VAC 3 Phase Large pinned output Profibus.
ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle is a reliable, high-performance power supply offering unsurpassed performance and flexibility for semiconductor and precision electronics applications. Pinnacle series is designed for performance applications that require precise power control, flexibility in input voltage, high efficiency, and reliable operation in harsh environments. ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle series features advanced technology such as programmable output (0-105V DC), which allows for multiple-output configurations and allows for multiple applications while offering a broad input voltage range of 85-265VAC. Its high-frequency switching design with an efficiency rating of over 85%, one of the highest in the industry, produces a minimum standby power savings of over 50%. The internal protection circuitry helps ensure compliance with global safety standards and provides superior protection against over-voltage, sustained under-voltage, and over-temperature conditions. Pinnacle series was designed for demanding applications requiring high-frequency switching technologies, such as semiconductor deposition, etching, and testing processes. Its modular design enables users to quickly modify parameters such as voltage/current and rise/fall times according to their specific requirements. ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle is designed to be easy to use. Its intuitive graphical user interface and LCD display minimize setup and coordinate all necessary variables. An integrated EMC filter helps reduce noise, enabling the use of external devices with minimal interference. Pinnacle series was designed to operate reliably in both indoor and outdoor applications. Its rugged design can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -4 to 122°F, and its built-in protection circuitry provides additional security against corrosion, lightning, and EMP. Overall, ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle is a powerful, reliable, and flexible power supply that provides high efficiency and precise power control in harsh environments. With its superior EMC filtering, intuitive user interface, and reliable protection circuitry, this device can be used for a wide variety of applications, from semiconductor processing to precision electronics testing.
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