Used ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle #9167062 for sale

ID: 9167062
DC Power supply P/N: 3152427-128 6 kW Passive front panel 1x15p Dual user port Remote 208VAC 3 Phase (2) Weird (8) Pin outputs.
ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle is a family of reliable, high-performance power supplies designed to deliver consistent power and unparalleled process control. Pinnacle power supplies offer superior loading capabilities while providing both single- and multi-phase operation with a wide array of output voltage, current rating, and frequency combinations. The power supplies are easy to install, configure, control, and monitor. They offer an ADVANCED ENERGY Controller (AEC), a touchscreen interface that provides a centralized menu of advanced features and multiple levels of control. The intuitive AEC is designed to help engineers and operators maximize process control and minimize risk. The rugged, fanless design of ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle power supplies provides superior protection from external noise as well as influence from the environment without the added costs of enclosure cooling systems. The series is well-suited to operate in harsh environments and has been certified for hazardous locations including Class 1 Division 2. Pinnacle power supplies are backed by a 10-year warranty and a comprehensive suite of monitoring and communications options, including analog and digital signal inputs and outputs, Modbus RTU, and Canbus communication. ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle powers supplies feature several performance-enhancing features that enable longer lifetimes, including integrated power factor correction, an ADVANCED ENERGY limit protection, and true RMS measurements with a selectable crest-factor of up to 3.0. The models also provide full online regulation and precise load monitoring for high accuracy and superior energy savings. In addition, Pinnacle power supplies offer advanced thermal performance with a high reliability derating factor to help optimize the number of power supplies used in an application. To ensure maximum reliability, the power supplies are covered with a PROframe™ design structure that offers environmental protection and superior airflow. The fanless power supply alloy helps to maximizes airflow on both sides of the power supply, further enhancing the efficacy of the power supplies. ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle power supplies offer a flexible solution for a variety of industrial applications with high voltage and current requirements. From analog and digital sign applications to advanced high-power actuators, Pinnacle power supplies offer reliable performance and an easy-to-use interface.
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