Used ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle #9167066 for sale

ID: 9167066
DC Power supply P/N: 3152326-000 Dual 6K Profibus 400 VAC 3 Phase 50/60 Hz 22A.
ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle is a high-end power supply that offers reliable and high-performance voltage and current control. It is designed to meet the stringent requirements of industrial processes, high-end test and measurement equipment, and a broad array of laboratory and research applications. Pinnacle is a single-phase, programmable, and digital power supply that has specifically been created to deliver consistent power output and superior efficiency. It is equipped with advanced features, capable of providing precise voltage and current control. It can be set up to run in many different modes, including constant current, constant voltage, and linear regulation. ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle additionally features an intuitive local user interface for quick setup and easy monitoring and control. A unique array of digital I/O terminals allows users to integrate with automation and safety systems. It also comes with an abundant amount of protections, such as reverse polarity, over-voltage, over-temperature, and overload. Pinnacle is designed with energy efficiency top of mind. An optimum power factor of >0.99 suggests that the power supply does not draw more current than necessary when supplying the rated load. The power factor can be adjusted to maintain close to maximum efficiency or it can be optimized to reduce harmonic distortion. With real-time measurements and a graphical display, users can access the power supply data and settings easily. This digital control platform offers users flexibility. It is equipped with a 100% output transformer that allows users to adjust power levels to meet certain applications. This helps reduce costs when high-level power is not required. Overall, ADVANCED ENERGY Pinnacle is one of the top power supplies on the market. It provides precise voltage and current control suitable for a wide range of applications, as well as a reliable power output with superior energy efficiency.
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