Used ADVANCED ENERGY RFDS-2000-2K #9168452 for sale

ID: 9168452
ADVANCED ENERGY RFDS-2000-2K is a cost-effective, cutting-edge and reliable power supply designed to meet the needs of today's power demanding applications. With its ultra-high efficiency and low ripple rating, this power supply is a reliable and versatile solution capable of powering virtually any application while delivering long-term stability and performance. RFDS-2000-2K provides output power up to 2000 W with a broad output range of 20-240Vrms. This power supply delivers high power factor, low harmonics and extremely low noise. The unit also includes built-in active power factor correction, which ensures consistent output power and efficiency throughout the output voltage range, even in challenging electrical conditions. This power supply's sophisticated control electronics offer precise regulation of output voltage, current and power. Its overload protection feature ensures the power supply will not be damaged when presented with an over-current condition and the EMI filter reduces the electromagnetic interference from the power supply. ADVANCED ENERGY RFDS-2000-2K features a modular design that allows for easy replacement and repair of power supplies without tools. An intuitive LCD display allows for convenient monitoring and control over the power supply's performance. The unit is also designed with several safety features like inrush current protection and over voltage protection, which help protect the power supply from potential damage. Furthermore, this power supply meets the stringent safety and EMC/EMS requirements for a variety of manufacturers as well as CSA, UL, CE and TUV certifications. Its comprehensive operation and performance monitoring capabilities, detailed diagnostics, flexible input and output connectors and optional plug-in modules make RFDS-2000-2K an ideal power supply choice. ADVANCED ENERGY RFDS-2000-2K is a perfect solution for applications with complex voltage and current requirements due to its reliability and exceptional performance. This power supply offers long-term stability and improved operational efficiency, making it a great choice for various electronic systems and products.
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