Used ADVANCED ENERGY RFDS-2000-2K #9168453 for sale

ID: 9168453
ADVANCED ENERGY RFDS-2000-2K is an ADVANCED ENERGY power supply designed to provide reliable and efficient electrical energy to keep a device running smoothly. It is equipped with a robust set of features that makes it suitable for use in various applications. RFDS-2000-2K features a wide input voltage range of 90-250 VAC, and is capable of delivering outputs up to 2000 watts. This gives the device the ability to efficiently handle larger loads and provides superior performance when compared to other models. The power supply is compliant with international safety standards, and a built-in overvoltage, overcurrent, and over temperature protection ensures that the device is not damaged by any excessive voltage or current. This device also boasts a 6-stage switch mode power factor correction system to maximize efficiency and reduce power utilization. ADVANCED ENERGY RFDS-2000-2K has a high-efficiency rating of up to 88% and it is able to produce up to 2000 watts of continuous power. The power supply is also capable of meeting some of the most stringent demands and can be custom configured for various applications. RFDS-2000-2K also features a smart monitoring system with which users can view real-time data such as temperature, AC input voltage, DC output voltage, current and frequency. This feature allows users to monitor their power supply and ensure that it is working as it should. ADVANCED ENERGY RFDS-2000-2K is an ideal choice for high-performance applications. It is designed for reliability and safety and the system is certified by multiple organizations. In addition, the power supply is designed to meet environmental regulations, making it suitable for most applications.
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