Used ADVANCED ENERGY RFG 3000 #9164942 for sale

ID: 9164942
Power supply.
ADVANCED ENERGY RFG 3000 is a high-performance, high-voltage power supply designed to meet the needs of demanding applications and customers. ADVANCED ENERGY RFG-3000 offers reliable, efficient, and cost-effective supply of power to meet various needs, providing reliable and consistent performance in a variety of applications. This power supply is fully-regulated and features an oversized transformer that is capable of providing up to a maximum output of 12KW. Its advanced power topology design ensures clean and precise output of power at all times, while integrated protection circuits keep the user safe from abnormally high current or voltage. RFG 3000 is equipped with an input voltage selector switch, making it easy to adapt to any voltage requirements. This power supply features advanced digital control capabilities, allowing for precise adjustment of power levels. Its range is 0 to 32 kilovolts (kV) and 0 to 500 milliamperes (mA). The supply is also equipped with a built-in, fully-isolated DC-DC converter, which allows for seamless integration into a variety of systems that require AC-DC or DC-DC power conversion. RFG-3000 also features advanced safety and protection functions, including automatic overload protection that shuts down the output when a current overload is detected. It also has an active filter circuit that eliminates line frequency noise, preventing damage to devices or systems. The supply is compatible with most safety interlock systems and is UL certified for use in NEMA 3R-rated power sites. ADVANCED ENERGY RFG 3000 is easy to install and use, requiring no extra configuration. It also features intelligent self-diagnostics and a built-in LCD display that makes troubleshooting and diagnostics quick and easy. All of these features combined make ADVANCED ENERGY RFG-3000 an ideal power supply for a variety of applications.
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