Used ADVANCED ENERGY RFG 5500 #9181838 for sale

ID: 9181838
RF Generator P/N: 3155051-115​.
ADVANCED ENERGY RFG 5500 is a power supply designed to deliver up to 5,500 watts of power, ideal for a variety of applications. The power supply is designed to provide a regulated, filtered and stabilized output voltage for usage in a variety of medical, industrial, and laboratory applications. It is compatible with a wide range of devices and utilizes a unique frequency-modulated pulse-width modulation (PWM) technique to ensure a smooth and stable output voltage. The unit is highly efficient and provides superior energy conversion and regulation. It also features a low noise, low ripple, and low temperature operation and is able to provide a consistent current across a variety of loads. The unit is designed to use advanced analog and digital power management technologies to provide accurate signaling and regulation. It features a variety of input options, providing flexibility for users. The design includes overload protection, which ensures that the unit will shut down if an overcurrent flow is detected. The power supply is constructed to be durable and reliable, allowing for long lasting service life and dependable performance. It features Design for Environment certification and is compliant with EMC, temperature, and safety requirements. The power supply is highly versatile and can be used with a variety of applications, such as medical equipment, power testing, electronic instruments, and other high-power applications. In addition, the unit features advanced protection algorithms, including an adjustable overvoltage and overcurrent protection, as well as voltage and temperature protection. It is designed to withstand against high currents and is able to switch rapidly between a wide range of voltages. The unit utilizes a unique PFC Modulation technology to regulate the output voltage and eliminate potential interference. Overall, ADVANCED ENERGY RFG5500 is a highly reliable and efficient power supply suitable for use with a variety of applications, featuring ADVANCED ENERGY conversion and regulation, a wide range of input options, and protection algorithms to ensure safety and dependable performance.
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