Used ADVANCED ENERGY RFG 5500 #9182057 for sale

ID: 9182057
RF Generator P/N: 27-115617-00​ / 3155051-015.
ADVANCED ENERGY RFG 5500 is a general purpose, medium-voltage, regulated-output power supply. It is a single-ended device capable of delivering up to 500kV in regulated linear fashion. The power supply is designed to meet the stringent requirements of modern precision test applications. It provides a broad output voltage range for high power output and precise control. ADVANCED ENERGY RFG5500 power supply is equipped with an adjustable output voltage range of 100 to 500 kV and a single-selectable current limit of 1, 5 or 10 mA. It offers excellent regulation in all output voltage levels and is capable of providing an output voltage with stable accuracy of 1%, even in the presence of varying line and load conditions. The power supply is designed to deliver high-quality power to demanding applications, such as RF plasma systems, semiconductor, and LVDS testing. RFG-5500 power supply features a simple and intuitive user interface and a variety of status indicators for troubleshooting. A standby control panel is integrated into the device for remote handling of many power supply operations and a variety of over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature, and other fault-protection features are available for safe operation. RFG5500 is designed to function reliably in various temperature and environment settings, and its external control connector ensures robust communication with external systems. It is suitable for use in both high- and low-voltage applications and can handle forward currents of up to 30 mA, and reverse currents of up to 20 mA. Passive voltage structure withstands high-voltage testing and allows for safe operation. This power supply is covered by an extensive warranty and includes support for both acute and extended use. The availability of a wide range of accessories further extends the capabilities of the RVG 5500 and makes it an ideal solution for precision testing and other demanding applications. With its robust design, excellent regulation, and reliable performance, the RVG 5500 power supply is an ideal new addition to any high-precision laboratory setting.
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