Used ADVANCED ENERGY RFXII 3000 #9182208 for sale

ID: 9182208
RF Generator.
ADVANCED ENERGY RFXII 3000 is a reliable and highly efficient general purpose power supply built to provide both AC or DC power for a wide range of industrial applications. The power supply features an integrated three-phase input, redundant power factor correction, and IGBT rectification technology to deliver more power while minimizing energy consumption. With a maximum input voltage of 480 to 600 VAC and a maximum output voltage of 0 to 600 VDC, the unit can easily meet any customer's requirements. ADVANCED ENERGY RFX II 3000 is designed to provide up to 30kVA of clean power to industrial machines and equipment quickly and reliably. The power supply features an IGBT rectification technology that provides increased frequency and efficiency in rectifying the incoming AC power waveform. The unit also has an adaptive load sensing feature which allows it to apply the right amount of current to the load to provide enhanced efficiency and reliability in power delivery. In order to ensure that the power supplied is clean, RFXII 3000 features a built-in filter to reduce the potential for line harmonic distortion. This ensures that the power supplied is smooth and without interference. Additionally, the power supply has a comprehensive protection equipment built in to prevent any damage to the device. The unit features over-current, short-circuit, and over-temperature protection. The device also provides phase sequence monitoring for added protection. RFX II 3000 also has a built-in digital interfaces, allowing for easy integration with any customer system. The interface is capable of providing a wide range of communication protocols, allowing the device to be integrated with a wide range of industrial as well as SCADA monitoring systems. ADVANCED ENERGY RFXII 3000 is a versatile and reliable power supply that is designed to meet the requirements of today's industrial and commercial applications. The built-in IGBT rectification technology, adaptable load sensing feature, and comprehensive protection unit ensures high efficiency as well as reliability in power delivery. The digital interface ensures easy integration with any customer machine, allowing for seamless and dependable control.
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