Used ADVANCED ENERGY Xstream-8K #9165064 for sale

ID: 9165064
RPS Power supplies P/N: 3151806-202 For TES Challenge CVD System.
ADVANCED ENERGY Xstream-8K is a powerful and reliable programmable DC power supply. This highly efficient power supply is suitable for a range of applications, ranging from laser power conditioning, battery/capacitor charging, and control, to hybrid electric vehicle and industrial motor drive systems. This series of power supply units features a rated output power of 8,000 W and an industry-leading power density. The state-of-the-art power supply, embedded on a flexible, plug-and-play rack-mountable package, is designed to provide maximum efficiency and simplicity — enabling users to get the most out of their power supply. Xstream-8K is capable of outputting a wide range of DC voltages adjustable from 0 V to 375 V at currents from 20 A up to 400 A. It also has a fast transients response time of only 30 µs. The power supply features a variety of power control methods, such as Constant Voltage (CV), Constant Current (CC), and Mixed (Constant Voltage/Current, or CV/CC). It also has a wide temperature range capability — from -20°C to +45°C. ADVANCED ENERGY Xstream-8K is designed with an advanced dynamic response equipment for load changes, that ensures fast and accurate commands in real-time. The power supply also has an "intelligent" monitoring system to provide an overview of the power levels, temperature, and faults. This helps detect and prevent any potential problems before they can cause damage. The intuitive touchscreen and graphical user interface (GUI) of Xstream-8K provides an easy and convenient experience for users. It ensures fast set up and control via an Ethernet connection, while also giving access to an entire library of help functions. This power supply also allows remote access through an internet connection, giving users access to the power supply's power controls anytime, anywhere. ADVANCED ENERGY Xstream-8K is an ideal power supply solution for complex electrical systems as it increases unit performance, safety, and reliability. This technologically advanced power supply has affordable pricing and provides a highly efficient solution that maximizes power savings and optimizes machine performance.
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