Used ADVANCED POWER SYSTEMS HS-7v2 B-40/100 #9166968 for sale

ID: 9166968
BIAS Power supply.
ADVANCED POWER SYSTEMS HS-7v2 B-40/100 is an advanced, high-performance power supply designed to maximize productivity in all types of applications. The device is a highly efficient single-phase DC/DC converter solution that provides a constant 40A/100V output power with up to 2000W of continuous power. The HS-7v2 B-40/100 is well-suited to applications such as robotics, automation, machine learning, and communication systems. For the HS-7v2 B-40/100 power supply, the input voltage can range from 22V to 300V. It provides an output ripple of up to 0.2% of the total input current for smooth operation. Additionally, the power supply features a wide operational temperature range from -20 to 85°C and has a high efficiency of 92%. The device has a PIN diode current protection feature that can be configured to limit the maximum output current and protect the power supply from over-current conditions. The built-in over-voltage and over-temperature protection feature further ensure maximum safety and dependability. Moreover, the HS-7v2 B-40/100 is densely packed with components that deliver superior performance at a lower cost. To ensure easy and secure integration into your system, the HS-7v2 B-40/100 is equipped with a comprehensive set of features such as built-in PFC (Power Factor Correction), remote on/off control, programmable set-point voltage, and communication protocols, among others. Additionally, the power supply has a low-noise passive cooling design that eliminates the need for active cooling. ADVANCED POWER SYSTEMS HS-7v2 B-40/100 is an advanced, reliable power supply solution that is designed to maximize efficiency and minimize costs. It is the perfect device for a wide range of applications in various industries. The power supply is capable of delivering up to a constant 40A/100V output power with a wide operational temperature range and has successfully passed rigorous safety checks. The comprehensive set of features and competitive price makes the HS-7v2 B-40/100 a great choice for anyone looking to increase their productivity.
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