Used ADVANCED WAVE VSP-1105 #9178761 for sale

ID: 9178761
Vintage: 2011
Voltage sag protector 2011 vintage.
ADVANCED WAVE VSP-1105 is a powerful, smart, and efficient power supply that provides a steady source of high-quality power for a wide range of applications. The power supply comprises of an input inverter, a galvanic isolation transformer, and a multi-functional smart charger. The input inverter provides excellent AC performance, featuring a peak loading input capacity of 1105VA and a peak output of 860W. The galvanic isolation transformer offers high levels of transient voltage protection, ensuring a safe environment for sensitive devices. The multi-functional smart charger adjusts the amount of output power being supplied according to the charge needs of the equipment connected to it, allowing the power supply to deliver a steady and uninterrupted power performance. VSP-1105 boasts advanced security features such as short circuit protection and overload protection. It also features an advanced monitoring system that ensures constant over and under voltage protection from the input AC. Furthermore, a temperature monitoring system is incorporated into the power supply, allowing it to detect if the operating temperature of the equipment connected exceeds the required level. Should this occur, the power supply will automatically shut down the current running equipment to protect against damage. The power supply also comes with a remote control with a LED display, enabling users to adjust the power output via the remote control module. Furthermore, the power supply also has an integrated digital display allowing users to view the output voltage. This greatly simplifies the installation and operation of the power supply, making it user friendly. In conclusion, ADVANCED WAVE VSP-1105 is a powerful, efficient, and smart power supply that offers excellent performance and reliability. With its advanced safety features, versatile charging options, and ease of use, VSP-1105 is the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications.
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