Used ADVANCED WAVE VSP-3210S #9179113 for sale

ID: 9179113
Vintage: 2011
Voltage sag protector 2011 vintage.
ADVANCED WAVE VSP-3210S is the ideal choice for those looking for a robust and reliable power supply. This advanced power supply is designed for mission-critical applications and operates with efficiency, reliability, and flexibility and offers utmost safety, even under the most extreme conditions. VSP-3210S is a three-phase AC/DC power supply, offering an impressive output power rating of 3210W and an overload capacity of 20% with high efficiency. It also offers an adjustable output voltage of 0-300V from a wide AC input range, along with a wide output frequency range and a low ripple and high peak current capability. ADVANCED WAVE VSP-3210S offers several advanced functions such as an Intuitive LCD display with a menu system and access to adjustable parameters, two Auxiliary voltage outputs and a low noise fan that adjusts automatically to maintain the temperature of the internal components. Also, the voltage and current are adjustable to improve the output performance, which helps to reduce the system costs and footprint. VSP-3210S is also equipped with various safety features, such as overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, over-temperature protection, and a fault alarm system which provides users peace of mind while operating this power supply. Additionally, ADVANCED WAVE VSP-3210S utilizes electronic components that are UL, CSA, and TUV certified, offering users added assurance that it is a safe and reliable power supply. In terms of power quality, VSP-3210S features voltage harmonic suppression with low Total Harmonic Distortion and low power loss, meaning that it provides clean and reliable power to your connected load. Furthermore, ADVANCED WAVE VSP-3210S features advanced return loss protection, providing even better power quality to the user. Overall, VSP-3210S is an innovative and reliable state-of-the-art power supply with high efficiency and impressive performance and safety features. In addition to its reliable design, it also offers the user an intuitive LCD display and adjustable parameters, two auxiliary voltage outputs, and a low noise fan, making it a top of the line power supply for mission-critical applications.
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