Used AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT 11730A #9180345 for sale

ID: 9180345
Power supply.
AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT 11730A is a high-performance DC power supply that is specially designed to meet the scientific and industrial needs of today. The unit is capable of delivering 0-120V of output voltage and 0-5A of current, with a maximum output of 500W. HP 11730A is equipped with a digital panel meter to monitor and adjust the voltage and current settings quickly and accurately, while also allowing the user to monitor the output voltage or current in real-time. The unit features regulated outputs and 4 digit accuracy to meet the most demanding of requirements. AGILENT 11730A is constructed of high-grade materials for maximum durability and reliability. It features a fan-cooled design to ensure that the unit does not overheat during operation, and is UL/CSA certified to meet the latest safety standards, and CE/VDE certified for international use. The unit also features a 7-segment LED display with an analog reference for easy adjustment of output voltage and current. Additionally, the unit can be extended with an Analog I/O box for additional current monitoring/control. 11730A is ideal for use in research laboratories, circuit design, prototyping, and general electrical engineering applications. It is equipped with a comprehensive set of features as well as safety features, such as overvoltage/current protection, overload protection, and internal fusing. It also features a wide range of output connectors, including standard 4mm banana plugs, 2mm banana plugs, and 2.5mm banana plugs, with the possibility of junction boxes for added convenience. KEYSIGHT 11730A is easy to use and provides reliable and accurate results. Its versatile design allows it to meet a variety of applications and its adjustable output voltage and current settings give it an added advantage over most other power supplies. With safety features, durability, and precision, HEWLETT-PACKARD 11730A is an efficient and reliable DC power supply.
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