Used AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT 66309D #9163780 for sale

ID: 9163780
Mobile communications DC source.
AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT 66309D is a high-performance DC power supply designed for laboratory and industrial applications. It is designed to provide accurate and reliable voltage and current sources, with a wide range of volts/amps (V/A) output ratings and precision voltage/current ranges. It is equipped with an auto ranging capability, which allows it to automatically adjust to the exact output range for each use. The power supply supports advanced trigger inputs/outputs and BUS and GPIB communications for integration with higher-level controllers. HP 66309D offers a range of 0.00001 to 300V and 0.00001 to 3A in either voltage or current modes. It is capable of up to 500W of output power and will supply both pulsed and DC voltage and current as well as variable voltage and current modes. To ensure the highest accuracy, the power supply has an internal current shunt which offers exceptional precision when measuring low current. It also includes a built-in temperature compensation mechanism to give you the highest stability when measuring. AGILENT 66309D has a variety of features including a bright color display for easy readability and a menu-driven control panel. It includes an overvoltage protection system which will shut down the output power in the event that an overvoltage is detected, and it is also capable of providing a remote sense function that will maintain the voltage across a processor. The power supply also features a low noise operation to reduce the impact of system noise on sensitive measurement applications, and a built-in IEEE 488.2 interface for simplified control. The device includes a 3 year warranty for purchase and free phone technical support for added peace of mind. Overall KEYSIGHT 66309D is a feature-packed DC power supply that is suitable for a wide variety of applications in industrial and laboratory settings. It is easy to use, highly accurate, and comes with a range of safety features to help protect your equipment during operation.
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