Used AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT 66311B #9189429 for sale

ID: 9189429
Mobile communications DC source.
HP/AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT 66311B power supply is an adjustable power supply designed to provide precision voltage/current and output power in an easy to use unit. It features multiple output connections, which allow it to be used to power a variety of laboratory and industrial systems such as test and measurement equipment, automated test systems, medical devices, and other applications. Its low-noise design, high power output, and wide range of output protection make it an ideal choice for reliable and accurate applications. HP 66311B features a power output range of 0-30V with a key-operated precision front panel DC voltage/current control. The DC output accuracy is highly dependable due to its built-in sense-voltage protection circuitry. Moreover, its overvoltage and overcurrent protection makes it suitable for use in sensitive applications. It also provides a constant voltage auto-tracking feature that ensures its operation is consistent across the control range. AGILENT 66311B is equipped with a linear, 4-digit display, which provides an accurate real-time display of output voltage, current, and power. It also features adjustable overvoltage and overcurrent settings that allow for easy adjustments and provide an extra level of protection for the device. Additionally, the output polarity can also be switched for different application requirements. HEWLETT-PACKARD 66311B is a remote-controlled capable device, with the ability to be operated remotely via a USB or lan connection. It supports both analog (BNC) and digital (IEEE 488.2) remote control, allowing for accurate and precise control of its output without the need to access the main unit. It is built with a host of safety features including automatic output disconnection when the output current exceeds the set limit, over-temperature protection, and a key-lock to prevent accidental operation. The all-metal 66311B power supply is a robust and reliable device suited for use in demanding laboratory and industrial environments. It features a universal input — operating on 100-120V or 200-240V AC — and contains a robust design with a large heatsink that ensures superior performance even in 25°C ambient temperatures. Overall, AGILENT/KEYSIGHT 66311B power supply is a highly reliable and rugged device that provides precise and consistent voltage/current/power output in a range of applications. Its remote-control ability allows for precise adjustments and power regulation without the need to access the main unit, and its wide range of output protection and safety features provides extra peace of mind when operating in sensitive and demanding environments.
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