Used AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT 6632B #9186761 for sale

ID: 9186761
DC power supplies.
AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT 6632B is a high power, three-output programmable power supply with isolated outputs. It has a single voltage output range of 0V to 60V and can supply a maximum output power of 600W (300W per output channel). It also offers a very high power accuracy of 0.01% (Current/Voltage), a very low ripple & noise level of 0.01% and is capable of programming output voltage and current in either linear or logarithmic mode. HP 6632B has a total of 10 different output modes available, including constant voltage, constant current, and list. It can generate multiple output channels simultaneously and it supports a wide range of operation modes, such as remote sensing, short-circuit protection, and more. AGILENT 6632B also features a unique safety monitoring system, which allows it to detect and report user-defined safety conditions. In terms of dynamics control, 6632B has outstanding slew rate performance, with current slew rate up to 700V/s and voltage slew rate up to 200V/s. It also offers a wide frequency response of up to 5 kHz, allowing for fast dynamic testing performance. KEYSIGHT 6632B's digital control panel offers a multitude of features and can be used to control and display the output, including the current and voltage levels, current limit set point, temperature status, and more. Additionally, the front panel provides monitoring of input voltage, output voltage, current, and temperature. HEWLETT-PACKARD 6632B has a small compact design and is well-suited for use in high power, high frequency, and low level testing applications. Its rugged construction, fast operational response, and high-end features make it an ideal solution for most types of laboratory or industrial power testing.
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