Used AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT 6671A #106854 for sale

ID: 106854
Power supply, 0-8v/0-220a.
AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT 6671A is a high-performance, low-noise, low-distortion power supply. It is designed to deliver high-accuracy power in the range of 0 to 500 volts DC, 0 to 5A with a voltage resolution of 1mV and current resolution of 5mA. The power supply unit is capable of up to 12W of continuous power and can be configured to deliver both AC and DC power. HP 6671A power supply has various features like digital control, fan-assist cooling, optional isolation protection, and dual sensing current-limit. Digital control allows for easy and precise programming, enabling it to provide flexible levels of power with up to 99 memory locations. Fan assist cooling system keeps the unit cool, ensuring long-term unit reliability and extending the life of the unit. Optional built-in isolation protection protects the user from shock, line transients, and other electrical hazards. The power supply also features dual sensing current-limit which enables the unit to adjust its voltage and current outputs, ensuring that the unit does not exceed the maximum output current and maintain safe operation. The output voltage is adjustable in + or - 0.02% with an accuracy of 0.05% and the output current is adjustable in + or - 0.2%. AGILENT 6671A power supply has a built-in self-diagnostic system to detect errors as well as monitor power supply performance. It also has a host of protection measures to keep the unit safe from physical damage due to overloading and other causes. Finally, KEYSIGHT 6671A power supply is designed with user-friendly features that and easy to use controls, allowing for easy operation and adjustment. Its user-friendly design makes it an ideal choice for use in research and laboratory applications, as well as in industrial applications. With its dependable performance, HEWLETT-PACKARD 6671A power supply provides a high degree of precision and reliability.
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