Used AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT E3610A #9162155 for sale

ID: 9162155
Power supply.
HP/Hewlett PackardAGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT E3610A is a highly premium programmable DC power supply designed for rigorous industrial and laboratory use due to its reliable power capability, accuracy and versatility. It features a reliable output of 0-60V DC at 0-20A, offering a total power output of up to 1200W. This power supply also features an output voltage ripple of less than 0.01%, enabling high-precision voltage power supplies with very low output noise levels. The power supply also features an oversampling circuitry, user-programmable auto-sequence, and individual channel-by-channel control allowing for flexible programming of the supply. In addition, the power supply contains a built-in three-digit digital display which can display the measurement and control information for all channels. This LCD screen provides readouts and numerical reference numbers for easy troubleshooting and monitoring purposes, while displaying the programmable voltage and current levels. In addition, the screen also includes an LED warning light which will immediately alert users of abnormal readings or possible errors. HP E3610A DC power supply also includes adjustable current limiting and automatic self-protection circuits designed to shut down the power supply in case of an overload. This helps to protect both the power supply and connected devices from accidental damage. In addition to these inbuilt safety elements, the power supply is also provided with a rear fan to help keep the power supply cool and prevent any degradation in performance due to overheating. Finally, AGILENT E3610A power supply comes with built-in GPIB, RS-232, and analog I/O ports which can be used for connection to a host computer and for remote operation. This provides a reliable and efficient way to control and manage the power supply from a distance, and offsite if required. Overall, E3610A is an extremely capable yet reliable programmable DC power supply designed for industrial and laboratory use, helping ensure precision and accuracy in critical systems.
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