Used AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT E3620A #9160766 for sale

ID: 9160766
Dual output DC power supply.
AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT E3620A is a high-performance, single-output precision DC power supply. It features excellent accuracy and low noise, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. HP E3620A is an ideal choice for both laboratory and industrial test systems. It has an output power rating of up to 30 V and 5 A and is programmable either through the front panel, or remotely via the optional GPIB, RS-232, or USB interfaces. It has built-in precision voltage programming, cold start up, and over-voltage prevention features to ensure the safe operation of your device being tested. The voltage protection circuits detect any over-voltage conditions that could damage your device, and trigger an over-voltage event that will shut down the power supply. AGILENT E3620A also includes an intelligent precision voltage and current tracking feature, called Fast Track™. This advanced technology can dynamically adjust the output voltage and current in order to track or follow a programmed profile. E3620A has an impressive slew rate of 1.5A/µs and is made with low noise and ripple voltage of less than 50mV. It has a range of built-in protection features, including OVP (Over Voltage Protection), OCP (Over Current Protection), and OTP (Over Temperature Protection). This power supply also has an energizing function that will automatically energize and de-energize the device being tested. The KeysightE3620Ais a reliable and excellent choice for demanding lab and industrial applications. It provides precision and accuracy with low noise operation, while still delivering high power in a highly reliable package.
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