Used AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT E3646A #9168639 for sale

ID: 9168639
DC Power supplies 8V-20V / 3A-1.5A With GPIB.
AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT E3646A is a three-output power supply that features a dual-range output power ranging from 6W to 300W, providing maximum efficiency and flexibility for a range of power management needs. Its switching design eliminates analog feedback, achieving fast set-up and response times and superior output regulation. Cost-efficient and compact, the power supply has a wide AC input voltage range of 80V to 264V, adjustable output voltage or current, remote sensing, and a real-time clock. The power supply is built to be robust, with a three-stage design allowing outputs to be tied together for high combined power, and an over-temperature monitor that will shut down the unit if temperatures exceed a certain level. It is designed to be reliable and come with a one-year warranty. It complies with a variety of safety and EMC input standards and has full remote control integration, including RS-232, GPIB, and Ethernet. HP E3646A also offers a number of digital measurements, allowing for accurate measurements from the front panel. It also includes a digital tracking/programming feature, a 3½-digit LCD backlit display, and a fast-tracking and programmable response rate that is adjustable for optimization. The remote control via RS232 is also adjustable in a wide range of environments. AGILENT E3646A is the perfect choice for applications such as research, development, and production, where reliable testing of small to medium-sized products are required. It is ideal for applications in consumer electronics, aerospace, automotive, and IT industries. With its intuitive design, superior output regulation, fast set-up and response times, and comprehensive digital measurements and programmability, HEWLETT-PACKARD E3646A is a great choice for reliable power management needs.
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