Used AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT E5071C #9175977 for sale

ID: 9175977
Network analyzer Options: 4K5 TDR 1E5 017.
AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT E5071C is a precision 3-Port AC/DC network analyzer. It is designed for use in the characterization of passive components, such as antennas, filters, and amplifiers. HP E5071C features an ultra-fast swept measurement mode in which data can be collected in fractions of a millisecond for testing at wide bandwidths. Furthermore, AGILENT E5071C boasts a very low noise floor, making it suitable for the measurement of small signal characteristics. In terms of its performance, KEYSIGHT E5071C offers a frequency range of up to 3 GHz, allowing for the characterization of various passive components over a wide range of frequencies. E5071C is also capable of measuring network parameters such as S-parameters, reflection co-efficient, transmission co-efficient, and incident and reflected power. Furthermore, HEWLETT-PACKARD E5071C can measure a variety of other parameters, such as return loss, insertion delay, electrical length, and electrical phase. AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT E5071C also comes with a range of additional features, such as an integrated open-short-termination (OST) and short-line calibration scheme. This provides an easy way to calibrate the network analyzer, helping to reduce the occurrence of measurement uncertainty. Additionally, HP E5071C also features a timer function, allowing users to acquire data for long durations over multiple channels. This makes the device suitable for testing the performance of passive components over an extended period of time. AGILENT E5071C offers a selection of power supplies and power handling components, such as power dividers and mixers, that make it suitable for lab use. Furthermore, it is also compatible with optional extensions, such as a wideband solution and a harmonic mixer, for the measurement of wideband and harmonic components. Additionally, KEYSIGHT E5071C comes with a host of user-friendly features, such as a simple and intuitive graphical user interface, a variety of built-in "Quick Tests", and a variety of useful display options. In conclusion, E5071C is an advanced 3-Port AC/DC network analyzer capable of accurately characterizing a wide range of passive components over a wide frequency range. It also offers an integrated OST and short-line calibration scheme, a timer function, a range of power supplies and power handling components, and compatibility with optional extensions. Additionally, HEWLETT-PACKARD E5071C comes with a variety of user-friendly features, making it suitable for both lab-based and on-site testing.
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