Used AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT E5071C #9185158 for sale

ID: 9185158
Network analyzers Option: 285 Frequency range: 8.5 GHz Operating system: Windows XP.
AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT E5071C network analyzer is a powerful and versatile tool used for electrical and RF measurements. It has a wide frequency range of up to 3 or 8.5 GHz and can perform a variety of measurements including S-parameter, gain compression, swept and off-frequency measurements, noise figure, frequency response, group delay, swept power, and more. It is suitable for a wide range of applications such as research, development, production and repair. HP E5071C has an integrated power supply that can provide up to 1W of power for most types of devices. It has a two-channel receiver module that is suitable for performing scalar and vector analyzer measurements. The analyzer also has two ports that allow for more flexibility in testing. There is an internal 10.4-inch XGA TFT color display and built-in touch panels and knob controls. AGILENT E5071C features a frequency dual-domain operating mode which automatically swaps from frequency-domain to time-domain measurement functions and provides a full set of test conditions and stimulus for further testing. It has an integrated Virtual Source, which enables users to develop their own test signals by combining both sine and arbitrary waveforms. The analyzer also features an integrated VSWR/Return Loss Measurement System which is useful for measuring the quality of cables and connectors. KEYSIGHT E5071C has a wide range of measurement capabilities that are suitable for many challenging measurements. It is capable of making highly accurate S-Parameter, phase, gain compression, and swept-frequency measurements. Its VSWR and group delay measurements can be used to assess the performances of a variety of components such as amplifiers, mixers, networks, and waveguide components. Additionally, the analyzer has an internal real-time oscilloscope, capable of continuous monitoring and displaying signals and spectra with up to 160 MHz of horizontal resolution bandwidth. HEWLETT-PACKARD E5071C offers a high level of automation and ease of use due to its flexible On-Site Visualization and Automation (OSVA) suite, which allows the end-user to set up and execute their tests simply and quickly. The powerful and fast vector network analyzer is a robust solution that is suitable for the needs of today's researchers, engineers, and technicians.
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