Used AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT N5748A #9183213 for sale

ID: 9183213
Power supply.
AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT N5748A is an advanced Powersupply that combines low-noise performance with high power in a compact, lightweight package. Its outputs are ideal for testing and development of automation, machine control, power-management circuitry, and other sensitive electronic components. HP N5748A offers three outputs that can be set separately to any voltage from 0-30V and up to 0-16A with 10mV resolution. This allows for precise power management and optimization for a wide range of applications. AGILENT N5748A features a fanless design, allowing for quiet operation that is important in lab settings. Its three outputs are compliant with EN61010-1 safety standards, meaning that they are safety rated for use in home, commercial, and industrial environments. Additionally, HEWLETT-PACKARD N5748A comes with a built-in digital control interface that makes configuration and testing easy. Its intuitive menus and controls allow for a wide range of settings and parameters to be adjusted quickly and easily. KEYSIGHT N5748A also features an option for DC voltage or current measurements, allowing users to properly check for component accuracy and sensitivity. Its voltage and current programming resolution is 10mV and 1mA respectively, making it ideal for precision applications where accuracy is essential. Other features include adjustable current limit, over-voltage protection, and an auto-ranging feature that simplifies setup and use. N5748A can be connected to either a PC or a D.C. power source via a USB port to allow expanded functionality. Its USB port supports the HCI PC interface as well as a variety of other communication options, such as HCA mode, remote control, test mode, and more. Additionally, AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT N5748A includes a built-in slot for an optional memory stick, allowing users to save power and voltage data for future use. Overall, HP N5748A is an advanced power supply that packs a lot of features into a lightweight and compact package. Its low-noise output and multiple safety features make it ideal for sensitive applications, while its integrated controls make operation and configuration a breeze.
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