Used AIRCO TEMESCAL CV-6SL #9175689 for sale

ID: 9175689
E-beam power supply.
AIRCO TEMESCAL CV-6SL is a high-performance power supply designed to provide reliable, precise and consistent power. This modular power supply equipment is ideal for industrial processes, production lines and workstations, providing a dependable source of power for the most demanding applications. The TEMESCAL CV-6SL features six independent rails, each individually adjusted via a high-resolution pulse-width modulation (PWM) signal, allowing for a maximum output current of 120W each. It has an efficiency rate of up to 92% and can run in either constant-voltage or constant-current modes. The control and monitoring functions allow you to accurately set and adjust the voltage level to attain maximum power output. Moreover, the system is equipped with built-in over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature protections, helping prolong equipment life and ensuring reliable operation. The device supports universal input voltage (100-240V AC) for steady performance in any environment, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Also, its power density is very high with up to 1.67kW/in³ and reduced power loss. The size and weight of the device makes it perfect for installation in tight spaces, while the fanless design eliminates fan noise and vibration, enhancing unit reliability. Plus, the TEMESCAL AIRCO TEMESCAL CV-6SL is equipped with an LCD that allows you to clearly view the machine parameters and status. The fanless design, adjustable rails, low noise and wide input voltage offer improved reliability and an ideal solution for industrial applications that require a stable power supply tool. In short, CV-6SL is a reliable, efficient and versatile power supply for a variety of industrial and commercial purposes.
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