Used AIRCO TEMESCAL CV-6SLX #9180818 for sale

ID: 9180818
E-Beam power supply.
AIRCO TEMESCAL CV-6SLX power supply is a reliable, efficient and cost-effective power solution for any electrical system. It is designed to provide up to 600V output voltage with an adjustable current from 20-75A. This makes it ideal for applications that require high power but with a low voltage requirement. CV-6SLX features a small form factor, with an overall size of only 8.3 x 4.7 x 3.5 inches. This allows the power supply to be mounted directly to the wall, greatly reducing the need for additional installation space. The unit features an automatic overload protection, which will shut off the power supply if the output current exceeds the set limits. This provides reliable protection from dangerous electrical conditions. The design of AIRCO TEMESCAL CV-6SLX power supply is reliable and efficient. It features a DC-DC converter topology that ensures a stable and efficient transfer of power. The built-in power factor correction circuit reduces overall power consumption and helps reduce energy costs. The unit also includes a fan-cooled enclosure that ensures the power supply stays cool even after long hours of operation. CV-6SLX is versatile and can be fitted with several different power output cables and connectors. This allows it to be used with a range of electrical equipment. The unit also includes a voltage/current meter located on the front panel, allowing users to monitor the power levels at all times. AIRCO TEMESCAL CV-6SLX is a reliable and cost-effective solution for any industrial, commercial, or residential application requiring high power with a low voltage requirement. Its rugged design and versatile connector options make it suitable for a variety of tasks. It features an automatic overload protection system, which ensures the power levels remain within the safe limits at all times. The user-friendly front panel makes it easy to adjust the current levels as required. CV-6SLX power supply is reliable, efficient and cost-effective.
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